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How to Influence, Engage, and Achieve Results

How you "Show Up" influences everything you achieve. The way you create connection or distance each day affects your ability to build relationships, increase discretionary effort, and develop influence.​ The Connection Workshop gives you confidence and skills.

"Excellent... This is one of the most powerful communications and influence products on the market."

Evan, Intel Corp, Strategy Program Manager

results change when you change your response

Whether you are highly intense, extremely reserved, or somewhere in-between, The Connection Workshop provides you ways to assess your approach, update your mindset, and develop skills to increase your influence and achieve results. You do not need to be stuck with habits that are holding you back or hurting others. You can rewire your behaviors. 

The program overview:

  • Assess the way you show up (What levels of connection and distance do you convey)

  • Be intentional about building influence without authority

  • Gain power from increasing your humility and respect (particularly in you tend to show up harsh)

  • Increase your confidence and options to deal with demanding and harsh personalities

  • Provide responses that bring out the best in others

  • Increase situational awareness, listen in ways that matter, receive feedback, apply problem solving skills, manage interrupters, get your point out, and more


Virtual Delivery

The Connnection Workshop is recommended as three half day sessions taught one day a week over three weeks. The program can be adapted to meet the needs of employee, supervisor, managerial, executive, and board-level. Custom designs are available. One-on-one coaching, executive briefings, retreats, and keynote presentations are also available.

Networking Event
Be intentional about creating connection.
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