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exceptional leader

Exceptional Leader is designed to help leaders accelerate through their learning curves, set direction, build relationships, establish credibility, create accountability, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Young Business Colleagues

the leadership dilemma

Success for leaders means solving difficult problems—the kind of problems that make leaders feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and alone. It does not matter if they are the CEO, a mid-manager, or a new supervisor. Leaders must take on challenges beyond their experience.

The Exceptional Leadership Program gives leaders the mindset, skills, and tools needed to increase team engagement and deliver results. Through research-based frameworks, simulations, feedback, and on-the-job assignments, leaders learn a systematic way to embrace their job and achieve extraordinary success. This highly interactive program helps leaders solve real-world issues today. The program focuses on four major areas:

  • Accelerate ability to embrace the pit of success and deliver extraordinary results

  • Build individual and team competencies

  • Increase your team's ability to adapt to change

accelerate learning



  • Align the team’s goals with strategic needs of the organization

  • Keep the team focused on priorities

  • Create alignment with stakeholders

build credibility & relationships

  • Increase commitment and engagement through creating connection

  • Manage relationships up, down, and side

  • Practice problem solving and listening skills

create accountability

  • Understand the situational nature of delegation

  • Create clarity on goals, roles, relationships, processes, and tasks

  • Deal with performance problems

  • Create a follow-up strategy

  • Reward and recognize progress

Virtual Format

The Exceptional Leadership Workshop is provided as a 4 day program with virtual instruction one day a week for four weeks. Custom designs are available. One-on-one coaching, executive briefings, retreats, and keynote presentations are also available.

Stang-up Meeting
Praise for Exceptional Leader

“The best leadership program I have attended in 20 years on the job.”

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