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Mastering the Pit of Success

Mastering the Pit of Success helps individuals at all levels of the company accelerate their learning curve and increase resilience by focusing on the key principles from: "The Pit of Success: How Leader Adapt, Succeed, & Repeat."

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How to Thrive Through All types of Change

Facing new projects, organizational changes, and demands beyond your core skills can push you to question and doubt your ability to succeed. Being able to grow quickly and be resilient in a changing market is essential. Fortunately, what you need is learnable!

The Mastering the Pit of Success Program gives you the mindset, skills, and tools needed face challenges throughout your career and be confident and resilient. Through research-based frameworks, simulations, and feedback you learn a systematic way to embrace your challenges and achieve extraordinary success. This highly interactive program helps you move forward with confidence.

Challenges you may be facing:

  • Ongoing organizational changes

  • Multiple bosses

  • Change fatigue and ambiguity

  • Asked to do things you did not sign up for

  • Unanticipated career changes 

  • Stepping up to new positions

  • Working from home and across time zones


The Mastering The Pit of Success program teaches you that you are not expected to have all the answers. But, you do have what it takes to find answers. Key concepts include:

  • What you need is learnable: Your brain can rewire

  • Doing things beyond your experience 

  • Managing the in-between space

  • Breaking ineffective patterns 

  • Taking more control & creating more options

  • Increasing your problem solving skills 

  • Finding peace and energy in midst of change

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Virtual Format

The Mastering The Pit of Success workshop is provided as 3-4 half-day sessions. One-on-one coaching, executive briefings, retreats, and keynote presentations are also available.

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the Pit of success changes lives

“At a time when I was really unsure how to move forward, learning about the Pit of Success gave me hope and a path forward."

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