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Align and Deliver a Winning Strategy


Two strategies are competing for the future:  the existing & the new. 
Leaders decide which strategy wins

How they win

I help leaders win 

I help leadership teams define winning, build a shared strategy, and work more effectively together.


I design and facilitate high-impact retreats and discussions where leadership teams can discover, debate, decide, and commit.

I support strategy, change, decision making, team effectiveness, and employee engagement.

Why leaders rely on me  (wix collapsable accordion)

+ Need a strategy or change that is aligned and supported

Need significant strategy breakthrough

Need a strategy tune-up

Need buy in and path for change

Need everyone to be fully committed to decision

+ Cost of revisiting decision is too high 

Lack a decision shared path forward that team commits to

Do not really have second chance to make this decision

Speed or Quality of decisions is inadequate

We think we have a decision, but people don't follow through

Want to fully participate rather than manage process and personalities

Unable to balance team inputs with personal view points

Tendency to ignore points that are not your own

People intimidated when leader challenges while running meeting


+ Need team more effectively working together

Manage people shutting down, rehashing, blaming, or dominating

Move beyond pet projects, tangents, and turf battles

Need new skills 

Need to build respect and common ground

+ Need more hope, trust, and engagement 

The mood is full of doubts and low trust

Even the leaders are not sure about the future

Who I work with

Primarily CEOs, Presidents, C-Suite, VPs, and General Managers 

Companies ranging from Shark Tank winners to IPOs to Fortune 500s

>95% of the leaders are repeat clients or referrals

What Leaders Say

What is the process


Discuss your goals. Conduct interviews with stakeholders to define issues & outcomes. Agree on objectives and design. 


Create a high-trust space to discuss what is winning and what it will take to win. Discuss, challenge, test, nudge, listen, re-frame, test again, commit, laugh, learn, and solve. Create accountability for action.

Follow Through

Maintain momentum  

through communication plan, leadership dashboard, nudges, encouragement, and  accountability

About me

I help leadership teams align and commit. I bring deep experience in strategy, change, leadership, and communication gained from working with Fortune 500 leaders in 21 countries. I have facilitated boards, C-suites, divisions and departments, and sales teams ranging from 5 to 200 people and supported mergers and acquisitions.


I believe leaders are not in their job because they have all the answers. They are in their jobs to find answers. I help them find answers faster.

You create the future you make time for
Let's do a quick call

I will help you think and frame the challenge you are facing and provide ideas you can personally apply with your team. Many leaders have an "Aha" moment when they answer the questions. I.

Download a complimentary copy of The 4 strategy questions.
This gives you access to the process I apply when facilitating breakthrough strategy sessions. These concepts are the foundation of the 
100 Days to Strategic Leader Program I created for Salesforce.


The 4 Strategy Questions

How Leaders Create
a Winning Strategy






Dave Jennings PhD
#1 Wall Street Journal Best-selling author of "The Pit of Success: How leaders Adapt Succeed, And Repeat"

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