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strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership is focused on building an organization driven by a shared strategy. Leaders must create alignment for where the organization must go and how they are going to get there. Each level of the organization must then define how they will align and execute toward this strategy. Creating a shared process and language increases the results of your strategy.

Business Partners at Work

be a strategic partner


Leaders need a way to create and communicate strategy that is not lost in jargon and complicated frameworks.  As an influencer, creator, translator, and implementer of strategy, you need a  way to frame ideas for all your stakeholders. With simulations and hands-on strategy development, this is a pragmatic program helps you to be a strategic partner. 

You will learn how to:

  • Build an organization driven by strategy

  • Increase your strategic radar to see future needs

  • Influence up, side, and down

  • Apply the "What it Takes to Win" Framework (a proven methodology for engaging at all levels)

  • Create a strategy you can use immediately

  • Develop a methodology you can use throughout your career

Create your Strategy With the "What it Takes to Win" Framework

What is Winning?

What is the landscape?

What does it take to win?

What is the priortized next step?

Virtual Format:

Strategy Leadership is for executives and mid-managers. The program is provided as a 4 half days taught one day a week for four weeks. In addition, participants Custom designs are available. One-on-one coaching, executive briefings, retreats, and keynote presentations are also available.

Office Hang Out
If you want to know your strategy, look at your behaviors.
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