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strategy for Executives

Strategy for Executives is focused on making decisions on where the company should invest for the future. Moving beyond basic tools like Porters five forces, executives gain skills that prepare them to meet with the board or the street. This program is only for executives who are making or influencing the major decisions of the business.

Analyzing Graphs

Defining the Future of your Business


Strategy for Executives builds on the "What it takes to win" framework and provides analytical tools to make decision on for where the company should act now and in the future. While filled with advance modeling, this is a pragmatic program helps you to become a strategic executive. 

You will learn how to:

  • Drill down on what is winning, what is the competitive landscape, what it takes to win, and where to make the next move

  • Predict market trends and assess industry evolutions

  • Apply tools to assess competitive positioning: Including positional differentiation, strategic groups, and strategy canvas

  • Apply Schumpeterian frame works

  • Apply growth horizons framework to determine share you need to focus now

  • Decide where you need to place your big strategic bets 

  • Communicate the strategy so you get buy in from multiple levels

Create your Strategy With "What it Takes to Win" Framework

What is Winning?

What is the landscape?

What does it take to win?

What is the priortized next step?

Delivery options

Option 1: Strategy for Executives Overview is for C-suite executives and some SVPs who hold the future of the company in their hands. This half-day experience provides executives with clear direction on steps they need to take to build a strategy that will succeed.

Custom -- Option 2: Facilitated Strategy Creation for Executives pairs you with a strategy expert who works with you and your team to apply the tools to your exact situation. The process includes interviews, analytics, recommendations, and a facilitated decision process on what it will take to win. Time required differs from a month to six months. 

Custom -- Option 3: The Facilitated One-Day Team Strategy can help executives get aligned. For executive teams that are already quite clear on major direction decisions this process can help them create  alignment and shared decisions. Executive teams may need to do this as two to three days of time.  If needed, this can be supported with analytics.

Strategy is more than a plan.


It is decision about where you will invest resources over time.

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