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Team TRansition meeting

When there is a change in the leader or the team members, lots of question exist about priorities, work styles, rumors, and timelines. Creating a common ground about the work and team members is key to success.  The Team Transition Meeting gives a place to both connect and put out hard questions that affect the success of the group. 

Team Talk

Start with what is working

The Team Transition Meetings opens the path for positive and productive working relationships. It creates a place to share strengths, surface issues, and create an understanding of roles. This program emphasizes creating connections, surfacing issues, and having a transition charter.

Outcomes include:

  • Building relationships by getting to know each others' strengths and "extended" resume

  • Completing role clarity fast track session

  • Clarifying short-term direction

  • Surfacing issues such as: direction alignment, risks, unknowns, meeting effectiveness, collaboration, quality, and execution.

  • Surfacing rumors that may affect the transition and team success

  • Creating a transition charter

Virtual Format

For intact teams only. The Team Transition Meeting  recommended deliveries include a half day, a full day, or a half day with fun activity in the afternoon. Custom designs and alternate delivery options are available. 

In major changes, some teams may want to go more in-depth with the Rebuilding Teams Program

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