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Design and Facilitate Retreats

Everyone wants their retreat to be a productive and engaging experience. However, the challenge with most retreats is that too many goals and too many voices make it hard to achieve your goals.  We help you get clear on objectives and create an agenda that will deliver on your goals. We design in experiences, simulations, and tools with great content. Then, we provide masterful facilitation to keep things moving.

In a Meeting

Great results start with clear objectives


One of the biggest mistakes of creating a retreat is trying to do too much. Getting clear on objectives sounds simple and maybe even boring but the time you invest in objectives will come back to you in high dividends. We can help you design and facilitate the events. 

Common questions to help you prepare:

  • What are your objectives?

  • How would you know if this was a great retreat?

  • What is the balance between strategy, problem solving, change management, innovation, celebrating, decision making, skill building, time together, and fun?

  • Are the right people in the room? Are there subgroups that we need to bring together at the event?

  • What guests would make this a great experience?

  • Do we need to build in an adventure?

  • What do you need to do before the retreat to prepare people? What is the right amount of preparation?

  • What do you need to do after the retreat to assure that you can show the retreat had value? Have you made this for this?

All events are customized for your goals

Get clear on objectives
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