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Leading remote Teams

Leading remotes teams requires leaders to do the basics extremely well: set direction, build relationships, and create accountability. In addition, leaders must manage meetings differently, be intentional about including different options, manage time zones, and build connections across the team.

On the Computer

Delivering results &

Making every one know they matter

Leading Remote Teams gives leaders the mindset, skills, and tools needed to increase team engagement and deliver results.  This highly interactive program helps leaders create an engaged and productive team.


The program focuses on these areas:

  • Creating shared accountability

  • Masterfully leading meetings and creating engagement

  • Creating space to hear different voices

  • Maintaining transparency

  • Building-cross team connection

  • Creating fairness for assignments and visibility for promotions

  • Managing and respecting locations, time zones, and life interruptions

Virtual Format

Leading Remote Teams is provided as a 4 day program with virtual instruction one day a week for four weeks. Mornings are class time and afternoons are 1:1 coaching with each participant. Custom designs are available. One-on-one coaching, executive briefings, retreats, and keynote presentations are also available.

Walking and Talking
What is natural in an office has to be intentional for remote teams.
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