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Presenting Under Pressure

Going beyond the basics, Presenting Under Pressure gives you the edge you need when presenting to any audience. You can master tough audiences and take control of the room when you understand how to structure your ideas, speak to their needs, manage their objections, and give them a clear path forward. You can be confident when the pressure is on and become a partner in providing for their needs.

A presentation at the office

Powerpoints don't persuade: You Persuade


Your presence, passion, and preparation are what sell audience audiences. Your ability to frame problems and provide a path forward are what audiences need. Your ability to handle their objections will move them toward the decision they need to make. 


Presenting Under Pressure will help you: 

  1. Understand the myth of the "it is such good idea" (audiences already have too many good ideas)

  2. Define what you want the audience to know, feel, do, and ask

  3. Provide the 5 things audiences want and overcome 6 fatal assumptions

  4. Handle snipers, jerks, and real objections 

  5. Provide for the head, heart, eyes, and hands

  6. Master your structure (and you are ready for anything)

  7. Take control by clarifying the situation, demonstrating the complication, and providing a path.

Virtual Format

The Presenting Under Pressure Workshop is provided as a 2 day program with virtual instruction in the morning and application sessions in the morning. Custom designs are available. One-on-one coaching, executive briefings, retreats, and keynote presentations are also available.

Stang-up Meeting
You are the message

Your ideas, passion, insight, authenticity, and plan are what persuade people. Take advantage of what you bring to the audience.

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