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Rebuilding Teams

Post-mergers, Restucturings, and Realignments

Whether your team has been disrupted from a merger, acquisition, internal change, or new priorities, the path forward requires a creating a shared future while honoring the past that got you here. Taking the time to create a new "Us" takes more that simply declaring the change. You need to manage the transitions that the individuals and team must make.

Team Meeting

Creating a shared future requires focus

The Rebuilding Teams Workshop shortens the time it takes to build common ground and create a shared future.  This program emphasizes honoring differences while building a new areas for success. Teams build skills and relationship through a common work focused experience.

Outcomes include:

  • Moving beyond "Us and Them" to create a "We"

  • Honoring and learning from a shared picture of each teams past

  • Creating a shared new story about the future

  • Integrating disparate approaches and making hard decisions about processes and systems.

  • Clarifying what is continuing, ending, unknown, and beginning

  • Creating a new team charter including shared direction, short-term wins, key actions and measures, building the path to "Us", big decisions, and direction clarity. 

Virtual Format

For intact teams only. The Rebuilding Teams Workshop recommended delivery is four half day sessions over two to four weeks with one-on-one coaching is provided in the afternoons. Due to depth and breadth of some changes, more time may be needed. Additionally, some leadership teams may need to get clear on Strategy before, during, or after this process. 


For teams with smaller changes. the Team Transition Meeting or One-Day Team Strategy may be appropriate. 

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