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Facilitated onE-day Team Strategy

With so many strong opinions on the team, it can be hard to hear different views, gain agreement on direction, and make decisions on how to move forward. The Facilitated One-Day Team Strategy session is a great way to get your team aligned on "what is winning" and "what it takes to win." With the guidance of a facilitator to nudge, challenge, and lead you through the process, you gain the foundations for have a shared direction and knowing the path to achieve it.  (Note: While some leaders prefer to attend the Strategy for Mid-Managers workshop first, you are not required to attended the Strategy for Mid-Managers or Strategy for Executives to bring in this session)

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Get alignment and speed


With the "What it takes to win" Framework as the map and the expertise of a facilitator to guide you, your team can build a shared foundation to guide actions and decisions. The facilitator helps keep discussions on track and profitable by managing the loud and quiet voices in the group. The facilitator challenges beliefs and behaviors that may limit the team from doing what it takes to win.  

By making sure the team has clarity about each step of the process, leaders are able to focus back on the job on the highest priorities. The message from leaders to the organization about the future is more clear, and your ability to influence and persuade stake holders increases.

What is Winning?

What is the landscape?

What does it take to win?

What is the priortized next step?

Virtual Format:

Facilitated One-Day Team Strategy session is for a team of leaders or an intact team. The program can be facilitated as 2 half days sessions (recommended) or one day 6 hour session. Prior to the day, it is common to conduct interviews with team members. The executive or organizational version of this is available but the amount of time needed is decided on a case by case basis. 

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Creating a shared definition makes succeeding easier.
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