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Collaboration and Conflict REsolution

Teams generally want to do the right thing. However, competing demands, rapid changes, Mixed rewards, and ambiguity make it difficult to maintain trust and focus on the bigger picture. Leaders must be intentional to break the down spiral and build a healthy culture.

Young Business Colleagues

You Must be intentional 

Collaboration and Conflict Resolution helps teams do what they want most: create cool stuff and be respected. By getting on the same page, understanding needs, and making repairs teams can build a culture where jerky behaviors are not needed nor tolerated. 

You can build a better team environment when you:

  • Define what level collaboration you expect

  • Creating a shared direction 

  • Value different points of view and see through others eyes

  • Repairing damaged relationships

  • Build rules for fair fighting (what's in and what's out)

  • Determine your "no jerk" rule guidelines

  • Build a shared communication path

  • Share successes

This highly interactive program is designed for teams to be in the "room" together and solve real-world issues today. 

Virtual Format

Collaboration and Conflict Resolution is customized to meet the needs of the teams. Common format is 2-4 half day sessions. 

Most teams do not share a definition of Collaboration.
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